All You Need to Know About MMI Code and How to Fix Connection Issues?

24 March, 2023 by Mohammed Tahsin
All You Need to Know About MMI Code and How to Fix Connection Issues?
All You Need to Know About MMI Code and How to Fix Connection Issues?

Have you ever encountered an error message on your mobile device that reads “Connection problem or invalid MMI code”? This common issue can be caused by various problems, from connection issues to authorization issues. But what exactly is it and why is it so important for mobile phone users? In this blog post, we will discuss what an MMI code is, its usage and importance, problems related to it, and how to fix them methodically.



What is an MMI Code?

MMI code, which stands for Man-Machine Interface code, is a string of numbers or letters that instructs your device to carry out certain tasks. For example, when you dial *#06# on your phone, you will get the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number of your device. This number identifies your device in case it gets stolen or lost.

MMI code usage

You can also use an MMI code to access hidden menus and settings that are not normally accessible through the regular user interface. These codes allow you to customize your device according to your preferences such as setting up call forwarding and waiting features, changing network settings, checking signal strength, and more.

MMI codes are used by all major mobile phone networks and service providers, including Lyca Mobile, to help you have quick and easy access to various services and features on your mobile devices.

Why Is It Important for Mobile Phone Users?

Given the fact that MMI codes (Man-Machine Interface codes) are a set of commands that can be entered on a mobile phone to perform various actions, here are some of the reasons why they are important for mobile phone users:

  • Quick access to information: MMI codes provide a fast and convenient way to access information about your account or device without the need for an app or internet connection. For example, you can quickly check your prepaid balance or data usage by dialing a specific code.
  • Service activation and deactivation: With MMI codes, users can activate or deactivate services such as call forwarding, call waiting, caller ID, and more. This saves time and effort instead of contacting customer support or visiting a physical store.
  • Troubleshooting: MMI codes can help troubleshoot issues with your mobile device or account. For example, dialing *#06# will display your device's IMEI number, which is useful when reporting a lost or stolen phone.
  • Cost effective:Many MMI codes are free to use, and they can help users save money by avoiding unnecessary charges. For example, by checking your account balance regularly, you can avoid exceeding your plan's data limits and incurring overage fees.
  • User Control: MMI codes offer greater control to mobile phone users over their devices and services. With these codes, users can configure various settings and personalize their device's experience.

While MMI codes are reliable and convenient, however, there can be some problems related to their use. Here are some of the common problems related to MMI codes:

  • Compatibility issues: Some MMI codes may not be compatible with certain mobile devices, operating systems, or mobile network operators. This can result in errors or the code not working at all.
  • Incorrect codes: Entering the wrong MMI code can result in errors or unintended actions, such as activating or deactivating the wrong service.
  • Difficult to troubleshoot issues with MMI code-related hardware and software
  • The lack of a unified global database makes it difficult to look up information related to codes.
  • Poor network coverage: MMI codes rely on a strong network connection to function properly. Poor network coverage can result in slow or incomplete responses, or the code not working at all.

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How to fix a “Connection problem or invalid MMI code error”?

If you are struggling with a “Connection problem or invalid MMI code error” do not panic! Follow these helpful tips to resolve the issue quickly and get your device back into working order. 

  1. Check your phone settings to ensure that the correct APN and MMS server settings are enabled.
  2. Ensure that you have an active internet connection if using a mobile data plan or Wi-Fi hotspot.
  3. Restart your device by turning it off and then back on again.
  4. Make sure that your carrier is still offering service in your area, as a disrupted connection can lead to this error message.
  5. Install any necessary updates for your device's software and carrier settings if available.
  6. If all these steps fail, contact your carrier directly or take your phone to a professional technician for help with the connection problem

Tips on how to avoid similar MMI code issues in the future

  1. Regularly check for available software and carrier updates, as these can contain important security patches and bug fixes that may resolve MMI code errors in the future.
  2. Use anti-virus software to keep your device free of any malicious software that might be causing the issue.
  3. Keep an eye on signal bars and Wi-Fi connections, as a weak connection can lead to invalid MMI codes.
  4. Be aware of the different settings related to MMS messages such as APN, MMS port numbers, and server addresses; incorrect settings can cause connection problems.
  5. Keep track of any changes made to your phone's network or connection settings and make sure that these changes are necessary before applying them.
  6. Deactivate any unused connections or data plans that you no longer need as having several active connections at once might confuse your device's network settings.


In conclusion, understanding how to use an MMI code can be incredibly beneficial for any mobile phone user regardless of their level of technical knowledge. Not only does it allow you quick access to hidden menus and settings but also provides you with powerful troubleshooting capabilities should anything go wrong with your device. So do not forget: if you ever find yourself needing more control over your phone's features than what is easily accessible through its user interface—simply dial up the appropriate sequence of numbers or letters!

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