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Posiadanie licencji BNetzA:

Lyca Mobile Europe Limited
Zarejestrowany adres: Walbrook Building,
195 Marsh Wall, London,
E14 9SG, United Kingdom
Numer rejestracyjny firmy: Registrar of Companies (England and Wales)

Numer VAT: DE306653122
Upoważniony przedstawiciel: Christopher Tooley

Regulatory authority:
Bundesnetzagentur für Elektrizität, Gas, Telekommunikation, Post und Eisenbahnen Tulpenfeld 4, 53113 Bonn, Deutschland

Corporate purpose:
The company's goal is to provide mobile telecommunications services, including data. The company focuses on low-cost international calls and SMS, and only offers prepaid SIM cards.

Telephone – Customer Service: 322 from Lyca Mobile
+49069 1200 7322 from any other telephone (local charges apply)

Other Services