1ct/min with the new SMART tariff
NO Connection charge
Lycamobile SMART plan
Lycamobile Smart Plan rates for calls within Germany

Germany Landlines
5ct /min
Germany Mobile
1ct* Lycamobile/min
12ct Other mobile/min
Germany SMS
15ct Lycamobile/SMS
15ct Other mobile/SMS
15ct /MB
*Subject to conditions. All conditions related can be found under our Lycamobile free minutes offer.
International SMART Tariff
Connection charge -  0ct
How to activate and switch from Lycamobile Standard tariff to Lycamobile SMART tariff?
  • Switching is easy and simple
  • Simply send a text to 2020 by typing SMART.

Terms and Conditions:
The Lycamobile SMART Tariff is valid from 01/07/2015. Customers may switch from Standard tariff to Smart tariff at any time. However customers must stay on the Smart Tariff for at least 30 days before they can switch back to the Standard Plan. Lycamobile reserves the right to amend or vary terms and conditions and to withdraw this plan at any time on reasonable notice for New Customers. The promotional period is valid from 07/01/2015.

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