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The SMART Tariff Pay As You Go Rates

Applicable tariff for calls within Germany

Landline(per minute)

Landline (per minute)

Smart tarrif


Mobile(per minute)

Mobile (per minute)

Smart tarrif


Lyca-Lyca(per minute)

Lyca-Lyca (per minute/per sms)

Smart tarrif


SMS(per sms)

SMS (per sms)

Smart tarrif


International SMART Tariff


Popular Country Mobile Rates

How to activate and switch from Lyca Mobile Standard tariff to Lyca Mobile SMART tariff?
Switching is easy and simple
Simply send a text to 2020 by typing SMART.

Terms and Conditions:
The Lyca Mobile SMART Tariff is valid from 01/07/2015. Customers may switch from Standard tariff to Smart tariff at any time. However customers must stay on the Smart Tariff for at least 30 days before they can switch back to the Standard Plan. Lyca Mobile reserves the right to amend or vary terms and conditions and to withdraw this plan at any time on reasonable notice for New Customers. The promotional period is valid from 07/01/2015.