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Fraud Warning

In today’s world, you need to know how to stay safe from fraud

You can report any suspected fraud activity to us at giving details of what's happened, including any police or action fraud crime number. Also include full contact details so we can reply back

We can only assist with fraud queries related to Lyca services.

If you have lost money from an SMS or telephone fraud, let your bank or card provider know immediately. They may also help you get your money back. You should also report this to Action Fraud straight away.

Remember that Lyca will never ask you for your pin or password by text or email.

Lottery Scam

Unfortunately, some of our customers have been receiving unsolicited phone calls or texts telling them that they have won a lottery prize.

This is fraud.

The caller may aim to get you to ring a premium rate phone number where you will then be kept on the line for as long as possible, being charged a very high rate per minute. They may also ask you to pay a fee to release the money that they say you have won. Again, this is fraud. Once you have paid the fee, communication may end and you will ultimately not receive any money. They may also then call you again to ask for more money. The offenders may also give you a partial SIM card number – do not be tricked by this.

What to do if you receive this call

Please report any fraudulent calls or texts you receive by contacting our customer service team at the number 322 from your Lyca Mobile or you can also dial 069 1200 7322 from another phone. In alternative you can send an email to

Fraud prevention advice

Never give out your number (they may ask you to confirm your number – don’t)

Never give out any personal details (e.g. name, address, date of birth, bank details, family names etc.)

Ask them what number they dialled – they probably do not know

Ask them what time of day it is – where they are

Ask them which lottery they represent

Ask them how you entered the lottery

If they become abusive, threatening or use upsetting language, please feel free to end the call at any time .

Blocking calls

If you record the number that called you, you may be able to block future incoming calls depending on your handset.

Things to remember

There is no such thing as Lyca Lottery

We will never ask for a money transfer of any description

We will never ask for your full account password

We will never ask for payment to release winnings

We will never ask for your bank account or credit card details on the phone or via email

We will never ask for you to send money through bank transfer or money transfer services

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