Save up to €30 a month with our Family Saver Plan
If you find yourself paying for a number of different phone plans every month, we’ve got a solution.
Not only will we make your bill paying more convenient, we’ll also make it cost less too!
With our brand new Family Saver Plan, you can save up to €30 a month!
Each Family Member will have their own individual Plan allowance but the total cost will be reduced when all Members are on our Family Saver Plan.

How it works:

  • Buy our Family Saver Plan below, which comes packed full of High Speed Data, calls and texts.
  • Add up to three other Family Members.
  • Save more with each Family Member you add.

It’s that simple!
Family Members Standard Plan price Family Saver Plan saving Price
1 €24.99 No discount €24.99
2 €24.99 €5 €19.99
3 €24.99 €10 €14.99
4 €24.99 €15 €9.99

Benefits of our Family Saver Plan:

  • Save money – Save more with each Family Member you add
  • Greater flexibility – Each Family Member has their own allowance
  • More control – Family Members can join or leave at the end of any month
  • More convenient – Pay for just one bill instead of multiple
  • 24.99
    /28 Days
    Family Saver Plan
    • Unlimited National Mins
    • 100National Text
    • 7 GBNational Data

If you’re a new customer, you must order your new SIM with our €25 Family Saver Plan. Once purchased, you can add your Family Members.

If you’re an existing customer, you can add Family Members to your Family Saver Plan by following the below steps:

Via your phone


  1. Buy the Plan by dialling *139*49254# and then following the instructions.

  2. Add your Family Members by dialling *139*49254* followed by the number of your Family Member (starting with 49) and then #, then follow the instructions.


Via My Lycamobile

Sign in your account and select the Family Saver Plan option and then follow the instructions.

Via Customer Services

Call Customer Services on 322 to activate the Family Saver Plan.

Paying for multiple phone plans has never been this easy and affordable, so get your Family together and start saving today!
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