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Lyca Mobile Bundles FAQs

What is Prepaid Tariff?

A credit-based mobile rate that is available without any contract is Prepaid Tariff. One needs to top up in-order to call, text or use data. Although one cannot make outgoing calls without topping up their account, one can still be reached on their mobile number.

What is a Pay As You Go SIM?

If flexibility is what you look for when choosing a SIM plan, go for Pay as you go SIM. This kind of SIM gives you the flexibility of just adding credit limit to the new SIM and start making calls, sending texts and browsing the internet. You do not need to buy any bundles or sign any contracts.

Can I buy a Data Plan in addition to a SIM only deal?

Yes, if you exhaust the available data on your current SIM only plan before the month-end validity, you can select a Data Only Plan to power up your data balance.

How do I get free international calls?

Please select bundles from our International bundles section to buy plans with FREE international minutes or unlimited calls to selected countries.

How do I know the Prepaid Tariff to call a specific country?

Please visit our Rates section to know the prepaid tariff to any country you want to call.

Why use Lyca Mobile’s Prepaid Tariff Plan?

Lyca Mobile offers the most affordable prepaid tariffs to call any country of your choice. Just type in the name of the country above and hit enter to know details. Choose among the best of national, international and SMART prepaid tariff plans to get the best of the low-cost, high-quality calling, texting and browsing experience. Plus, if you are travelling abroad or on roaming, check out our special EU and EEA zone rates.

In case you don’t want to opt for a bundle, then top up and select any mobile prepaid internet plan by visiting our bundles section. Add the data bundle to your prepaid SIM cart and check out to start enjoying calling and using data even without selecting a bundle! Each of our SIM only deals come with special benefits such as FREE Lyca to Lyca calls, FREE voicemail, FREE credit when you refer-a-friend and special prepaid tariff rates for national and international calling and texting requirements.

Terms and Conditions

Lyca Mobile bundles do not expire until all inclusions(Voice, SMS & data) are used; however, any un-used data and international minutes will expire in 28 days of purchase. The customer can purchase the corresponding bundles from the existing account. The bundles are automatically renewed when the Lyca Mobile account balance is sufficient. All bundles are automatically renewed after their expiry date. Therefore, customers should top up the balance of their Lyca Mobile account regularly. The automatic renewal of the bundles can be cancelled by dialling *190#. Lyca Mobile reserves the right to change the terms and conditions or to withdraw the offer with appropriate notice. The offer is valid for non-commercial, private persons for private use.

From August 25, 2017, all customers who buy one of our German packages can use their package credit when roaming in the EU / EEA countries. Customers are advised that when roaming in the EU/EEA they can use Lyca Flat of 6GB of data, Lyca Plus of 12GB of data, Lyca Extra of 19.5GB of data. If, over a 4-month period, your use of EU roaming services is greater than normal domestic use, we will let you know and calculate the national prepaid rates. Non-EU countries are charged standard roaming fees. EU/EEA roaming services are intended for customers going on holiday or short trips. Please note that the SIM card must first be used (activated) in the home country to be able to use this promotion.

Standard pay as you go rates

Germany Landlines Germany Mobile (Lyca Mobile) Germany Mobile (Other mobile) Germany SMS (Lyca Mobile) Germany SMS (Other mobile) Internet
5ct/min Free* 12ct/min 15ct 15ct 15ct/MB

Connection charge -15ct

International bundle minutes to UK calls does not include the minutes to call Isle of Man, Guernsey, Jersey & Channel Islands. It will be charged as PAYG rates from 39 ct/min.
The below prefix will be charged at the following rates

Prefix Price/Min
447781 39 cts
447839 39 cts
447797 39 cts
447829 39 cts
447911 39 cts
4477003 39 cts
4477007 39 cts
4477008 39 cts
447524 39 cts
447624 39 cts
447924 39 cts

*Subject to conditions. All conditions related can be found under our: Lyca Mobile free minutes offer.

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